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If you have any green thumb at all you know the value that adding a greenhouse to your backyard will bring. Below we have assembled complete overviews from numerous manufacturer’s small greenhouses. Simply click on an image and you’ll be taken to that supplier’s overview.

If you’re still on the fence though about whether or not you should own a greenhouse then scroll down to the bottom of this page and read our 15 top reasons why you would want to dive in and get yourself one today.

Top Reasons Why You Should Want Your Own Greenhouse.

  1. Now this is the obvious tip. You get a real chance to extend your growing season and have fresh vegetables months after your neighbor’s plants of died.
  2. A greenhouse can also double as a shed for garden tools, fertilizers and yes even your lawnmower.
  3. In the dead of winter you would be surprised at the quiet solitude one of these will provide and with the slightest bit of sun it also becomes a warm place to relax. Sit down, have a cup of coffee and relax.Greenhouse Gardening
  4. You can start your seeds in January and have almost full-size plants by planting time in May.
  5. Do you have plants that you buy every year like clockwork, such as geraniums? Now you won’t have to buy them every year, simply dig them out of the ground, re-pot them and place them in your greenhouse. Next year you will have an even more mature plant and you’ll be saving money in the process.
  6. Do you grow tomatoes? If so then your season just got really extended and they will be blemish free as well.
  7. Are you concerned about what might be in the vegetables you buy at the store? You can eliminate that concern now by growing your own and knowing exactly what you put on them.
  8. We can’t ignore the enjoyment factor here. Working in your greenhouse will give you hours of peace and enjoyment.
  9. We can add a profit motive here too. You will now be able to raise enough annuals to maybe even set up your own booth at the local farmers market and make a few bucks.
  10. I know you’re thinking how am I going to keep this thing warm in winter? Depending on the size of the greenhouse it can be as simple as an oil filled radiating heater set at its lowest level and a fan to circulate the air. Of course this will get a little more involved if you decide to raise orchids.
  11. This is your big opportunity to go organic.
  12. Are slugs a big problem in your neck of the woods? Then create yourself a slug free zone with your own small backyard greenhouse.
  13. Choose the proper variety of lettuce and you can be having salad from your greenhouse all year long.
  14. Add some heated propagation mats and you can extend your growing expertise to even more tender plants.
  15. Last but not least we don’t want to ignore the beauty aspect that one of these greenhouses can add to your home. A nicely designed greenhouse will not only add a certain flair to your backyard, but increase your homes resale value as well.
So there you have it 15 rock solid reasons why you should be looking into owning your own backyard greenhouse. There is one drawback to owning a greenhouse though and that is the neighbors! Be ready for them always to be peeking over the fence trying to figure out what your growing next.