10 Things You Think Know That Ain’t True About Gardening

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It is said that Mark Twain once quipped “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” Nowhere can this quote be better applied than to gardening since there are many untruths running around out there. Also what you may know now might have been true at one time but due to current research it has proven to be a nonstarter.

Like you I have a number of things I do in gardening just because, well that’s just always the way I’ve done them. Or it’s what I learned from my parents when they were working in the garden when I was a child. This doesn’t mean I can’t change though. That’s why when I came across this article from Natural Living Ideas.com I knew that I had to trot it out for you folks. A link to the complete article is at the bottom.

Here are the 10 (not necessarily truisms) that they skewer.

  1. When planting fill the hole with compost and fertilizers. Did you know that planting time may not be the best time to do this?
  2. You have to plant two of any fruit tree. This is not necessarily true if the one you’ve chosen is self-pollinating. Research the type of tree you intend the plant and proceed accordingly.
  3. When planting tomatoes add baking soda or sugar to sweeten the fruit. This is not so straightforward and you will have better luck choosing varieties that are naturally sweet.
  4. Seal any pruning cut you make on trees. Turns out that this is probably not the best of ideas since the tree has a natural system for dealing with this and the pruning sealer might just lock things in against the wound that you don’t want.
  5. Do you have clay soil? Then amend the soil with sand. Not good! All the sand will do is pack into what few holes exist in the clay and clog it even further. You’re better off tilling in lots of compost to separate the clay and make it more airy.
  6. Do you use organic pesticides because they are safe? Again not necessarily true. This will greatly depend on the type of pesticide you decide to use. Our suggestion here would be to research anything you intend to use thoroughly. Just because it says organic on the label doesn’t make it harmless.
  7. Do you avoid watering your garden at midday because it will burn the plants? Nope not true. Now before you get in an uproar because it is what you’ve always heard think about this. What happens when it rains during the afternoon and the sun comes out? Odds are your garden is just fine afterwards.
  8. When you plant a tree make sure the hole is deep. This little item is supposed to help with the stability of the tree. Well guess what it’s not a deep hole that provides stability it’s a wider one. Oh and tie it to a stake just to make sure.
  9. I’m converting to drought tolerant plants so I don’t have to water. This may be somewhat true but when you first plant drought tolerant plants they need regular watering to become established. After that you still need the occasional watering to help them thrive.
  10. My plants are dying! I need to feed them. This may or may not be true. The better course of action would be to find out exactly what is causing them to cash in their chips. Could it be environmental, insects, a disease or inappropriate watering?

Well did I hit one of your hot buttons with this list? Did I dispel something that you’ve been using for years? The important thing is that it has now been brought to your attention and you can be flexible and change or do more research if you wish. Just remember keeping your sphere of reality permeable is always good idea since what we know about how our plants grow seems to be changing all the time as better research comes online.

To read the full article at Natural Living Ideas.com click link below.

10 Gardening Myths Most People Believe That Aren’t True


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