A Do It Yourself Cold Frame That Is Both Raised And Portable

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DIY Cold Frame

One time-honored way to get your growing season started early is through the use of a cold frame to grow cool weather veggies or even for starting seeds. These structures usually consist of a wooden frame either sitting on the ground or dug into it and possessing a clear or semi-clear lid. As a matter fact depending on your climate these little gems can be used to grow all year round.

One big drawback to these items though is that for the most part once they are situated on your property they are not easily moved from one location to another. This means that portability can be a big plus in being able to orient it either towards the sun or away from it depending on the crop you’re trying to grow. That’s the big reason why I came up with this portable cold frame that you can wheel to ever you feel you need it.

The cold frame in the videos below is made almost entirely from ordinary wood thereby omitting any treated lumber that may leach into the soil and then get into your plants. As a matter fact the only exotic part of this entire cold frame is the fact that we coated the inside of the box that holds the soil with an eco-friendly liquid rubber concoction, which will protect the wood from any water infiltration. The rest of the construction is coated entirely with a Behr Fence Stain

This design is actually very flexible by allowing you to decide on how deep you would like toDIY Cold Frame Side have the planting area as well as being able to remove the lid and sides, which will enable you to use it even during the summer heat. If you decide that you don’t want to continue using it during summer them simply roll it out of the way and store it until the cool weather once again sets in.

Now I won’t sell you a bill of goods and tell you this is an easy construction, but if you have moderate skills building things then you should be able tackle this project. In addition with very few exceptions you can pick up almost all of your materials at Home Depot or Lowe’s. The only items you might want to buy online are the flag hinge for the lid and the rubber coating for the box interior.

After watching the videos if you would like to get a full set of plans for free along with a list of materials simply go over to the sidebar of this site at sign-up for our mailing list. Once you confirm your subscription you will be able to download a PDF of the complete plans. Videos are more of a general overview with the plans going into the detail needed for construction.

One thing that is contained in the PDF is my soil mixture. The mixture I use is one 1 ½ cu ft. bag of patio potting soil, 1/3rd of a 1 cu ft. bag of manure/compost mixture, 1/8th of a 20 quart bag of worm castings, handful of Epson salts and a sprinkling of bone meal. After the first month I also start using Miracle Grow Liquid for Vegetables once a week. Oh and this mixture can be used for all of your outdoor container plants.

There you go now sign up for our mailing list so you can get the detailed plans and start building. Enjoy!


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