Build Yourself A DIY Aeroponics Bucket This Year

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Hydroponics Simplified

Simple And Cheap To Build.

Aeroponics Bucket

Aeroponics is defined as growing plants in the air using a mist of water without the benefit of any soil. The units that use aeroponics are generally self-contained systems that provide the mist and any nutrients via pumps and misting nozzles. As with most other things these units can be either very inexpensive or expensive depending on how far you want to take the practice.

Here we will show you a simple DIY Aeroponics Bucket you can build yourself for around 30 bucks minus the nutrients for the plant. The unit itself will consist of very easy to find parts with a majority of these items coming from Home Depot with the exception of the food grade bucket which you can find at most stores that handle bulk foods the net pot, nutrients and planting medium.

List of materials:

  • 1 – 5 gallon food grade bucket with lid.
  • A spray paint that will adhere to plastic (your choice of color). This will be used to block the light from entering the sides and top of the bucket and thereby growing algae inside.
  • 360° sprinkler head (for use with the Eco-396 pump).
  • ½ inch x 3 inch long threaded PVC stub (for use with the Eco-396 pump).
  • A 4” net pot from either Amazon or your local nursery.
  • A medium such as clay pellets to put into the net pot support the plant (check with your local nursery).
  • A pump similar to the Eco 396 or the Aeroponic Clone Machine Replacement Pump available online from Home Depot.
  • 36 inch length of 3/16” rigid tubing (available at your local fish store).
  • Nutrients for your particular plant (Amazon).
  • Timer to cycle your pump on and off.

The use of each piece is described in the video below and will show you how exactly to put it together. Just remember when you put the grow bucket into use that you will want to keep the bucket itself out of direct sunlight during the warm months as the bucket itself will tend to heat up and cook the plants roots inside.

This method of growing is fine for one or two plants but any more than that and you’ll probably want to consider either a system that uses a central sump and pump so that you’re not constantly filling your buckets with makeup water or simply use hydroponics instead. This is just my own opinion and yours may be different.



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