Diversify Your Pepper Production By Grafting Your Peppers

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Diversify Your Pepper Production By Grafting Your Peppers

Grafting Peppers

Maybe you’re like a lot of us and don’t have a whole lot of space to devote growing your favorite peppers. Just because don’t you have a lot of space doesn’t mean that you still would like to have every type of pepper known to mankind growing in your backyard. Well here’s an idea that may get you closer to that lofty goal.

This year start a couple of every type of pepper you would like to have then once they get to a fairly decent size start grafting them onto a single plant. Grafting several varieties onto one plant will make for a great use of space by allowing you to have three, four or even five different types of peppers growing on a single plant.

The video below by Khang Starr on YouTube will give you all the information you need to start mixing and matching different types of peppers together through grafting. The only change I would make to the video is to tell you not to use a double-sided razor the way he does because you could very rapidly be grafting a finger. Instead find a single edged razor or even a clean blade from your utility knife.





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