Fear Not The Loss Of The Honey Bee, They Will Be Back.

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Honey Bee

In recent years you have more than likely seen articles about the apocalyptic loss of honeybees in numerous states. The loss of the bees can be tracked to a number of different items such as pesticides, encroaching urbanization, bacteria, fungal issues as well as a number of other things. As a matter fact it’s gotten to the point where the humble bumblebee has been put on the endangered species list.

Is all this handwringing really necessary though? Well according to one to one person, Jeff Whitworth, associate professor of entomology at Kansas State University the answer is no. According to him the underlying causes of the decrease in bee populations such as changes in temperature (like we’ve had with the polar vortex), floods and what crops are grown from year-to-year and are subject to change.

Now if you happen to be worried about global warming you also have no reason to fear because bee populations actually increase with warmer temperatures. So the bottom line is stop worrying because he sees the bee population staying fairly stable for the foreseeable future. If you really want to do your part though to help propagate pollinators then try throwing up a few pollen bee nests for non-stinging pollinators. These pieces of cardboard tube will provide a home for these pollinators during the summer and help your own garden as well.

To see the full article from Kansas State University click the link below.

Researcher Says Endangered Bumblebee Populations Will Rise Again By Phys.org


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