Super Hot Pepper Seeds From Our Own Private Garden

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Get Bragging Rights To Your Own Super Hots!

Super Hot Peppers

Welcome to our page where we have listed seeds for sale from a number of different peppers that we grow in our own private gardens. These seeds come from a number of superhot peppers right on down to the mildly spicy Mexi-Bell. We hand harvest all the seeds, dry them and then shortly before we place them for sale we test a small sampling to ensure an elevated germination rate. Once we come up with an average germination rate we then add between 5 and 10 more seeds to each packet in an effort to replace any seeds that may fail to germinate.

Within 24 hours of your order the seeds will be sent to you postage-paid via first class mail in a bubble wrap envelope. Your seeds should arrive within 3 to 7 days from time of purchase allowing you to get growing as rapidly as possible.

We look forward to sending you seeds that will give you bragging rights to some truly wonderful peppers.

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A Tip For Those Who Don’t Like Pain.

If you order any of the superhot peppers please be aware that the seeds of these peppers do carry residual oils that can be as hot as the original. What does this mean? It means that if you handle the seeds with your bare hands those oils will be transferred to your hand, which additionally means that if you rub your eyes, your lips or any other item you might consider precious you will find out why they are called superhots.

To alleviate this problem we suggest that when planting you use tweezers or latex gloves similar to those used in doctor’s offices. These are just suggestions and if you have other ways of limiting physical contact and please feel free to use that method. The milder peppers such as the Mexi-Bell and Santa Fe Grande pose much less of a problem in this area.


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