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RIGA ToughnessThe Riga greenhouse line is designed and manufactured by The Hoklartherm Company in Germany and is probably the sturdiest line of greenhouses in its class. In addition Hoklartherm does just about anything that you can do with glass enclosures including pool and spa enclosures. The company has been in existence for over 30 years and ships worldwide.

The Riga greenhouse also has a unique tulip or onion shaped design which helps prevent heavy snow build up and gives you maximum inside headroom. The sidewalls of these greenhouses are 8 mm UV coated twin wall polycarbonate and 10 mm in the rear and front walls. Even though greenhouses aren’t known for their heat retention properties these units are first class coming in with an R value of 3.0.

Below are images of the Riga line and below those are short descriptions of each one in the line. Once you read the description and decide which one is right for you simply click on the image to be taken to it.

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Time Lapse Construction.


The Riga line of greenhouse details.

All the greenhouses have the following specifications in common.

  • The frame construction is aluminum and extremely heavy-duty.
  • The polycarbonate is warranted for 10 years and the framework for 15.
  • The insulating value is one of the highest available coming in at our R 3.0.
  • All greenhouses come with a heavy duty Dutch door that is 30 inches wide x 72 inches tall for a narrow unit and 79 inches tall for wide unit.
  • Each unit comes with a rear window that has been over sized and measures 30 inches wide x 42 inches tall and comes complete with an adjustable arm.
  • The roof windows measure 40 inches wide x 24 inches deep and come complete with an automatic window opener.
  • The front and rear walls of the greenhouse are 10 mm twin wall polycarbonate to provide extra strength.
  • The roof and sidewalls are 8 mm UV coated twin wall polycarbonate.
  • The inside height for a narrow unit is 6’- 11” at the peak and 6’-1” near the shelves. In a wide unit the peak height is 7’-6”.
  • You’re probably wondering how long it will take you to complete this structure. Well estimated completion time for two people is one full day. Add a third person and you cut it down to 6 to 8 hours.

The Riga IIs.

  • Size 7’-0” Long x 7’-8” Wide X 7’-0” Tall
  • Weight = 55 pounds

The Riga III.

  • Size 9’-8” Long x 10’-6” Wide X 7’-6” Tall
  • Weight = 70 pounds

The Riga IIIs.

  • Size 10’-6” Long x 7’-8” Wide X 7’-0” Tall
  • Weight = 62 pounds

The Riga IV.

  • Size 14’-0” Long x 9’-8” Wide X 7’-6” Tall
  • 2 roof vents included
  • Weight = 72 pounds

The Riga IVs.

  • Size 14’-0” Long x 7’-8” Wide X 7’-0” Tall
  • Weight = 66 pounds

The Riga V.

  • Size 17’-2” Long x 9’-8” Wide X 7’-6” Tall
  • Weight = 77 pounds

The Riga XL.

  • Size 19’-8” Long x 14’-2” Wide X 10’-0” Tall
  • Weight = 120 pounds

To get further information on any one greenhouse simply scroll up to the images and click on the one in interests you. A new window will open to fulfill your request.



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