The Garden Hoop House – A Lighter And Smaller Greenhouse.

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Great For Extending The Growing Season.

Hoop Greenhouses

As I sit here writing this post our local area has just been treated to over a foot of snow.  Believe it or not though spring will soon be here and you’ll be itching to get started gardening.  One great way to start doing it earlier is to set up a hoop house over a raised bed garden or just a regular garden.  Hoop houses come in numerous designs and can be either single or double hoop.

The one thing these mini greenhouses do have in common though is that they are usually formed from either PVC pipe or black bendable rigid hose.  The hose or PVC forms the framework and is then attached over the gardening area via rebar or larger pipe that has been driven into the ground.  Then the single or double framework gets a layer of plastic sheeting which effectively turns the area underneath into a mini Greenhouse.  The addition of a single hoop house can extend your gardening season up to two months on each end of the season.  Using a double layer house can sometimes have you gardening throughout the entire year.

So what exactly can you grow?  Many cool season vegetables are available with some of them being broccoli, kale, Swiss chard, lettuce, radishes and cabbage to name but a few.  The videos I’ve included below will give you an idea just how far you may be able take this concept because you really aren’t limited to large areas in your garden, the you can also use them on deck planters as well.


Mini Greenhouse Hoop House



Mini Greenhouse For Raised Beds



Home Made Planter Box Greenhouse



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