The Gardman Greenhouse Is Great For Early Spring Gardeners

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Gardman GreenhousesOkay so maybe you don’t want a full-blown greenhouse in the backyard, but you do get that itch to start gardening long before the threat of frost is gone. If this sounds like it’s describing you, then maybe a Gardman Greenhouse is just what you need to scratch that itch.

Gardman is the United Kingdom’s top supplier lawn and garden products. The company expanded into the United States, Mexico and Canada as well as numerous other countries as a way to supply its innovative products to the world.

The line of Gardman Greenhouses are definitely not for year-round use unless you live in milder climates where only the occasional frost occurs, even in the dead of winter. These greenhouses are easy to set up and are great cost-effective way to extend your growing season for several months. All of the greenhouses listed here as a matter fact are under $150, which make them super affordable.

So let’s dive in and see what these Gardman has to offer.

4 Tier Growhouse With Reinforced Cover.

These units are small stand up and portable units with rollup doors. They are perfect for keeping tender plants protected from the frost and can be set up against the house thereby protecting them from winds. Here are some further details.

  • The small size of the units ensures they will fit just about any situation from the small backyard to even an apartment balcony.
  • Set it up in early spring to protect young plants in your containers from frost and then reuse again in the fall to extend your growing season.
  • Included steel frame is powder coated and has a reinforced polyethylene flexible cover.
  • The four tier Growhouse comes in the following sizes.



The Walk-In Greenhouse.

These greenhouses like the ones before are still fairly portable, while providing you more room for your plants. The structure while being larger has also incorporated the familiar A shape into the roof peak. Here are some further details.

  • This walk-in comes with a zippered rollup door and two-tiered shelving.
  • Uses a strong tubular steel frame covered with a reinforced polyethylene cover.
  • No tools are required to assemble, since the frame is a simple push fit assembly.
  • The Walk In comes in the following sizes.









Cold Frames And Wooden Grow Houses.

These structures are small, portable and semi portable wood framed grow boxes that not only allow you to protect your plants from frost, but also lend a certain beauty due to their wood construction. Here are some of the features for these grow houses and cold frames.

Cold Frames

  • All of them have a robust solid wood jointed frame.
  • Twin wall polycarbonate panels.
  • Has at least one hinged lid with an adjustable locking support.
  • The raised wooden cold frame is attached to legs so you can attend to your plants without having to bend over.
  • The cold frames come in the following sizes.









Wooden Growhouses.

  • A rigid large solid wood frame has been incorporated.
  • Skitted wooden shelves are installed.
  • Twin wall polycarbonate panels.
  • Front opening hinged double doors with an attached latch bolt.
  • Hinged lid with an adjustable locking support.
  • The wooden grow houses come in the following sizes.









There you have a quick rundown of Gardman’s highly convenient and easy use portable greenhouses and cold frames. These can be a great choice if you don’t want a permanent structure in your yard but want to extend your growing season by protecting your plants from frost.

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