The Riverstone Industries Monticello Greenhouse Line.

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Monticello 8FT Black

Riverstone Industries is an importer and manufacturer of products related to gardening as well as home and design. The company itself calls Rockaway New Jersey home and has moved from a company that was originally importing 100% of their products to one that now manufactures 50% of the products in the United States, while importing the rest.

Their top category of products is greenhouses and cold frames with the Monticello line of greenhouses being the one we will concern ourselves with here. These greenhouses come in numerous sizes ranging from an 8 ft. square version all the way up to a 24 foot long model. It doesn’t stop there though. In addition a full line of accessories is also available comprising items such as workbench systems, shade cloths and an automatic watering system.

So let’s dig a little bit deeper into the Monticello greenhouse and take a look at some of the features and benefits of owning one of these structures.

Monticello Line Of Greenhouses Details:

  • This line of greenhouses is commercial grade and manufactured in the US from start to finish.
  • The greenhouse is constructed of high quality extruded aluminum and uses on average 40 pounds more aluminum than the average imported greenhouse.
  • The roof and wall panels are constructed of UV stable professional grade twin wall polycarbonate that is 8mm thick. The twin wall structure is a more efficient insulator keeping the greenhouse cooler in summer and warmer in winter, not to mention adding greater strength to the structure in general.
  • The insulating value of the twin wall panels means that you will be able to grow your plant starts sooner and garden later in the year. If you choose to use the greenhouse for year-round gardening the energy bills will be lower than with a single pane system.
  • This line of greenhouses will provide you with years of hassle free gardening.
  • Comes in both a black color and natural aluminum.
  • Average assembly time is four hours with no prior experience required.
  • The length of any greenhouse can be extended by adding separately available four foot extensions.
  • Height of the structure is 7’-6” at the interior peak and 4’-10” at sidewall.
  • Contains an integrated flush base design.
  • The smallest size model comes with a 2’ x 2’ roof vent with automatic opener with the larger versions having more than one.
  • Greenhouse sized include:

8 ft x 8 ft

8 ft x 12 ft

8 ft x 16 ft

8 ft x 20 ft

8 ft x 24 ft

  • Dual rain gutters have been integrated into the unit to make rainwater collection easy.
  • Includes 4’-6” wide dual sliding entry doors that are both easy roll and low profile as well as containing a locking ability.
  • Has a snow load capacity of 24 pounds per square foot.
  • Comes with a 10 year warranty.

As you can see there is much in the way of features to recommend this line of greenhouses. The only question is just how much space do you have and which one do you want. The images below list each greenhouse by size and color, simply click on an image and you’ll be taken to that version of the Monticello.












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